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The Best Boots in the World

Elastic sides for mobility, ankle height for coverage, made with leather for any weather and branded tags for easy wearability; if you know which boot I am talking about then you are amongst the Blundstone boom. But in all seriousness, in my humble opinion Blundstone boots are the number one for best all around, all season, all terrain, all day everyday boots I have ever worn.

I got my first pair back in 2013, that’s right folks, 4 years ago and they are still looking fresh and debatably better since they have a worn rustic look to them. In all complete honesty, when I first bought them I was not their biggest fan. I was unsure of what I thought of their look  but despite the aesthetics they were the best practical and durable boot I could find.  Now 4 years later, I love everything about them and have a hard time  wearing any of my other shoes. They are my everyday wear, from going to work to going on hike, they are by far the most versatile and practical footwear I have ever owned.

If you are shopping for some everyday footwear and you don’t already own a pair, I would highly recommend trying some Blundstone.



Learning to Kite

Learning to kite isn’t the easiest sport to start but it is not as hard as it looks. My main tip for you is to be patient and push yourself through the difficult learning phase because once you get it the rewards are exhilarating. So you want to give it a go, here are a few things I would recommend.


  • Arm yourself with information. Know your gear and how to properly set it. Know the area- find out where there are good launching spots. Know the wind and the weather- prepare yourself and know which gear is best for the conditions.
  • Get lessons. Lessons are not cheap but immersing yourself in simply a couple days of lessons will without a doubt accelerate that learning curve and boost your confidence.
  • Watch YouTube and/or tutorial videos.
  • Fly a trainer kite. This is how I first learned to work a kite and understand the arm motions.
  • Find a buddy. While you are learning and even when you get comfortable with your riding skills there’s always something relieving knowing you got someone out there keeping an eye out and also pushing you.
  • Keep smiling (cheesy but true). Trust me, sometimes you might wipe out, lose your board, body drag for what seems an eternity, crash the kite but know that this is all part of the experience- so don’t let those get to you.



Discovering Yoga

Not long ago a wonderful friend of mine led me to rediscover yoga and challenge myself to new intricate postures I did not think I would have been able to achieve. This led me to try inversions, twists, compression and balance postures.  I think what surprised me the most in attempting these postures was that it was not all about strength and flexibility. I mean, of course there is a level of strength and flexibility involved in accomplishing certain moves but it’s about a lot more than just being that.  Yoga is about breathing, focusing your attention, and being aware of your body position because postures like crow or a headstand require all the above.

So, to keep track of my progress I will post my monthly yoga goal and aim to document my learning experience.

Here are just a few starter tips that have progressively helped me in stepping up my yoga goals:

  • Find a friend who is also bringing up their yoga game and is patient in helping you. A great friend of mine, who is a lot more advance than me, has been very patiently helping me with the steps by steps, which has been a great form of support in not letting the struggles get to me.
  • Find good YouTube tutorials. Yoga does not require much space so at home practices are key.
  • Try out new yoga classes. I’ve been notorious in getting the new yogi passes to yoga studios around where I live, yes it’s debately cheap of me but there is a major plus side;  you can experience different instructions and teaching style, which has been very beneficial. This exploration of studios also ultimately helped me find a studio that fits not only with my schedule but with the style of yoga I enjoy practicing.
  • Practice. Nothing comes overnight (for most) so putting in the time will lead you to achieving your peak postures.
  • Film yourself. Seeing yourself can help you assess areas that need more attention or re-positioning.

So yeah, let’s see how this goes.


Chase the wind, not your swimsuit.

To name simply a few, what does Bruna Kajiya, Rita Arnaus, Paula Novotna and Hannah Whiteley all have in common? They know how to shred. These women have taken kiteboarding by storm and are bringing the sport to a whole new level of steaze.

There is no denying it, these ladies have elevated the bar for female athletes in this sport but in order to deliver and keep taking it to the next level, they need the right suit. To quote Sensi Graves “There are bikinis, and then there are bikinis that actually stay on.”

As a girl who kites, finding a bikini that stays on, is worry-free of flashing or mooning a fellow rider and looks good was a smidge more difficult that I imagined, but, they do exist, online! So, for you, fellow kite sisters, here are some brands I would recommend to you.

Sensi Graves –

June Swimwear-

Josea Surfwear-


Brunotti –


These recommendations are the tip of the iceberg as there are many more reliable swimsuits out there but they are definitely a good place to start looking.


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