I’ve always been more of a morning person but some days are harder than other to pick up the pace and turn off the alarm rather than hit the snooze button. So good morning everyone, here is my morning routine and a  few little tips and tricks I have been working with to set a productive tone to face the day.


  • Avoid setting multiple alarms. This is a huge day changer for me, if I set multiple alarms I am 90% of the time going to wake up, hit the alarm, and go back to a half sleep until the very last one. It’s practically inevitable so instead I only set ONE alarm. So,  when I do hit the one and only alarm I’m sure enough going to roll my butt out of bed before I fall asleep;  
  • Turn on the kettle for coffee and porridge. I do this as soon as I am up so I do not have to wait around and instead get a bit active and gulp down a tall glass of water. I have been eating porridge for breakfast during the week for quite some time now. Weekends I’ll make eggs or get a bit creative but during the weekdays porridge has been my go to for a few good reasons.  


Oatmeal is packed with good stuff:

  1. 1/2 cup of oatmeal
  2. 23 grams of carbs including 4 grams of fibre
  3. 5 grams of slow digesting protein to last all morning
  4. Takes 10 minutes to make and eat
  5. Hella cheap
  6. Dress your oats. I usually add a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a banana or will add some frozen berries and a spoonful of natural Greek yogurt. (love that stuff)
  7. Add a multivitamin and you are set to start the day


  • While my water boils I do a quick little stretch and workout. I’ll spend 10 minutes either flowing into poses, practicing some inversions or when I am still too tired to think I’ll put on a YouTube yoga or short exercise video;
  • Once this is done, I usually pour the water in the french press and over my oats.
  • Quick rinse in the shower;
  • Now, this is the part I cherish in the morning and the reason I wake up much earlier than needed is for my chill  time. This might sound silly but it’s a real guilty pleasure of mine. I love sipping on my coffee, slowly eating my porridge and and browsing through my Instagram and Snapchat,, and;
  • When all of this comes to an end I am quickly getting presentable, grabbing my lunch and off to work I go.


Have a nice day,


Posted by:Emilie Breuvart

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