I recently read a blog post by That Trainer Carly about New Year’s Resolutions and it resonated with me since she hit the nail right on the head,  link to the blog below:)

Let’s start with this, what is a resolution?


A resolution is synonymous to intention, aim, plan  and resolve. It is an action supported by a firm decision to do or not to do. The New Year comes around and when the clock strikes 12  and those fireworks go off, most of us, actually approximately 40% to 50% of Americans intend, aim and plan a resolution but unfortunately most will likely fail to resolve.  Although yes I agree setting resolutions and goals is key in achieving a better version of yourself, I don’t think January 1st has to be the ONLY D-day in a whole year.

The issue with having this ultimatum day that comes around only once a year is that most of us will set unrealistic, non-specific or too many resolutions, thus turning a simple decision of to do or not do into a complex and daunting task. Like I mentioned earlier, setting resolutions is good and yes, New Years resolutions is too but it should not be the this standalone thing we do once a year because we should practice reflection regularly.

Reflection for one is a form of motivation and practicing it will help keep you going, it helps with resourcefulness in perhaps time and financial management, and most importantly it invites change because let’s face it, we are constantly changing so adjusting or reiterating our resolutions will help promote success in achieving what it is we want to resolve.

So taking this advice, I try and reflect weekly if not daily with these 4 goal setting points, creating short and long term plans and writing them down. For me this has helped and it has also been interesting seeing how my goals have changed and morphed into new goals from day to day.

  1. Specific Goals: Define goal
  2. Measurable Goals: dates, amounts etc.
  3. Short Term Goals:
  4. Long term Goals:


Happy New Years:)


Blog: https://thattrainercarly.com/2018/01/04/fitness-resolutioners-please-read/

Stats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year%27s_resolution

Posted by:Emilie Breuvart

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