Want to add a little excitement to your yoga practice over the holidays or during the warm summer months? If so, I highly recommend trying out some stand-up paddleboarding yoga (SUP Yoga). Not only does it add excitement and refreshness to your practice, it adds a lot of focus and new awareness of your body.  Essentially, SUP Yoga combines yoga movements and poses on a floating board.

You don’t need to be a pro yogi or paddleboarder to do some SUP Yoga, granted you might get a bit wet but that’s all part of the fun. It’s an activity that can vary; it can be an awesome workout and it can also be a super relaxing experience.

What I love about SUP Yoga is that it challenged my usual yoga practice and most importantly myself. It was funny seeing how a simple sun salutation would throw me off balance. This taught me to slow down my movement and really bring awareness to my body in knowing and understanding where I place and move my weight. Another great thing is the core workout! Your core and stabilizers are always engaged to keep your balance which you don’t realize in the moment but  whew do you feel them afterwards. I challenged myself with inversions, even my most confident inversion on land turned into a new intricate posture. Simply just finding the sweet spot on the board to set up and then really firing up my core because once you are on the board you quickly find out that every movement has a reaction motion, something you wouldn’t always notice on land.  Anyways,  if you are looking for something fun and challenging than you gotta try SUP yoga!

Posted by:Emilie Breuvart

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