Learning to kite isn’t the easiest sport to start but it is not as hard as it looks. My main tip for you is to be patient and push yourself through the difficult learning phase because once you get it the rewards are exhilarating. So you want to give it a go, here are a few things I would recommend.


  • Arm yourself with information. Know your gear and how to properly set it. Know the area- find out where there are good launching spots. Know the wind and the weather- prepare yourself and know which gear is best for the conditions.  
  • Get lessons. Lessons are not cheap but immersing yourself in simply a couple days of lessons will without a doubt accelerate that learning curve and boost your confidence.
  • Watch YouTube and/or tutorial videos.
  • Fly a trainer kite. This is how I first learned to work a kite and understand the arm motions.
  • Find a buddy. While you are learning and even when you get comfortable with your riding skills there’s always something relieving knowing you got someone out there keeping an eye out and also pushing you.
  • Keep smiling (cheesy but true). Trust me, sometimes you might wipe out, lose your board, body drag for what seems an eternity, crash the kite but know that this is all part of the experience- so don’t let those get to you.
Posted by:Emilie Breuvart

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